H Bridge tutorial

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

We use the L293D H-Bridge to operate a 12VDC motor with the Arduino. This H-Bridge allows us to do several things. First it allows us to interface the motor, which requires much more current and voltage than the output pins can supply, with the Arduino. With minimal connections, it allows us to both control the direction of motor rotation and with the use of the Arduino PWM output it enables

H Bridge tutorial
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us to add a speed control to the motor. In this circuit, we use a SPST switch connected to the L293D to control the speed and a potentiometer connected to Arduino pin A0 to control the PWM output (using the analogWrite function) on pin D9. If you look at the pin layout of the L293D you`ll notice that we utilize only one of the 2 H-Bridges on the chip, so two motors could be controlled using only one L293D.

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