HF Transreceiver using NE612

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The inspiration for the project came after attending the HamRadio 2000, Millenium Ham Meet @ Hyderabad (December 22, 23 & 24) where I met Grand Masters like VU2NR and VU2RM, OM Raju and OM Rao respectively. VU2NR`s newest design the NR-80 inspired me on doing something with my NE612. Om Raju uses 5 NE612 in his project to produce a Dual Band HF Tr

HF Transreceiver using NE612
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ansceiver, which I felt was a waste. The technique employed in the 9Mhz SSB Generator Module from Mizuho Company, Japan impressed me and I decided to work on those lines. This technique uses a single SN76514 with a crystal oscillator to perform both function, as a product detector in the Rx chain and a modulator in the TX chain. I was now interested in replacing the SN76514 with the NE612 and trying it out. I searched the entire web for details on this chip (SN76514) but could only find that it is a double balanced modulator like the MC1496. I continued my search for data on this chip until one fine day I bumped into a Japanese site of JA6HIC "Toshi". Here I found exactly what I was looking out for. Toshi has designed a lot of projects using various combination of Double Balanced Modulator. The one that impressed me the most was a project using NE612 IC. Following are some of the details that I have reproduced with the kind permission of Mr. Toshi, JA6HIC. The transverter circuit values are not correct, as these are to be tried out. The circuit is just for the information to a homebrewer. I would be working on the Transverter first, as with this, I could try out the 9Mhz SSB Module that I already have. I would be building the Transverter for the 14 Mhz band depending on the values from my DC Receiver project using the NE612 IC. I would surely be posting more details on this project as and when it progresses. I would be...

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