HF VHF receiver diplexer

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

An Icom PCR-1000 listening to various MF, HF and VHF radio stations. However, there is a slight problem. Very slight, almost too small to even mention, more of an inconvenience than a problem. Still, if I am being inconvenienced, than others are too. This issue is with the antennas. My K9AY antenna works wonderfully from 500 KHz to 25 MHz or so. My discone antenna works wonderfully from

HF VHF receiver diplexer
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about 30 MHz all the way up to about 1 GHz. In order to enjoy the full range of the receiver, I need to switch antennas. I have a small switch on my desktop, but it seems inconvenient to reach over and switch it when going from the AM band to the FM band or something similar. Therefore, I have decided that I need an HF/VHF receiver diplexer. One would think that such hardware is ready made for such instances. However, nothing I could find commercially would do the trick. Thus, since I could not buy one, I decided to build one to add to my collection of receiver doo-dads and nick knacks. The design is relatively easy, a back to back low pass/high pass filer system with a 50 ohm impedance throughout. Something with a sharp cut off around 30 MHz or so: Then it comes down to the building. Since this is going to be used in the UHF range, care and attention needs to be paid to the layout of the components and the design of the circuit board. Some of those capacitance values are not standard, however, by using two capacitors in parallel, one can get pretty close. Since this is going to be used for receiving only, I may be splitting hairs, however, I have found that well designed and built equipment is worth the extra effort. As one may be able to discern, C2 and C3 are in parallel to make 192 PF, C5 and C6 are in parallel to make 60 PF, and C7 and C8 are in parallel to make 163 PF. The input and output RF connectors are whatever...

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