Half-bridge circuit

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Which switch mode power supply (SMPS) topology should one start with IMHO although the schematic of a full-bridge looks a bit complicated compared to push-pull and half-bridge designs, sticking straight to a full-bridge topology or its smaller version, the half-bridge, is absolutely worth the initial extra effort. (Simplified schematic, gate drive transformer

Half-bridge circuit
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

and drive circuit as well as the required extra diodes around the mosfets, and capacitor equalizing resistors are not shown) In the end, despite the more complex look of these topologies, there`s really much less that can go wrong when compared to the various troubles that come up in other topologies like push-pull, forward converter variants, flyback, etc The main "challenges" in the SSTC design process are to make a good RF PCB layout, and to properly design the gate drive transformer. Both can take some time to get finished. The rest of the circuit is very easy to build. Why only these four topologies The main reason is that all of them can be manually (or automatically) tuned in output frequency, without this SMPS/SSTC running completely out of control. Of course there exist other topologies too. Actually there`s a HUGE variety of topologies and their small variations, so it is maybe tens hundreds even thousands Jeez, who invented them all. ;) These other topologies are either very complex, or require careful supervision by a dedicated fast controller IC so that nothing blows up, or they run only at a fixed frequency, or for some other reason won`t work so well in power (>100W ) SSTC use. Then again, if you`ve found a promising SMPS topology that might easily work in SSTCs too, feel free to correct me ( jwagner@cc. hut. fi ), or mayber better, suggest it on the Tesla coil mailing list Update: in `03 Terry Fritz devised...

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