Harald Bode Klangumwandler

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

A module of modules: 3 dome filters, 4 ring modulators and some summing/differencing amps (mixers). Each additional slave requires an additional dome filter, pair of modulators, and mixers. I built my prototype as one `master` and one `slave`. I used more modern circuits - mainly the dome filter that JG rgen Haible used in his frequency shifters, and the 1496 based ring-modulator design by Yves Usson, with its excellent

Harald Bode Klangumwandler
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signal nulling. I opted to invert one of the ring modulator outputs rather than swap the sine and cosine inputs, to switch between up and down shifting. I left out the "squelch" initially, and for strictly synth use I don`t think it`s that useful, but I may eventually throw it in. I haven`t tried anything but VCOs (sine and triangle) as inputs yet, and the sounds I`m getting from it are amazing! You would think cross-modulating 3 oscillators would be a total mess, but it can be very musical since you only get the single sidebands Here is a Sound Sample with a sequencer controlling the "program" oscillator, starting with both "carrier" oscillators tuned to unison. A lot of playing around with the 2 carrier frequencies, and swithching from "up shift" to "down" shift about halfway through. Sine output used for all 3 oscillators. Both outputs fed through a VCA with a short attack medium decay envelope. No filters, reverb or anything else in there. Here is another Sound Sample again with a sequencer controlling the "program" oscillator, starting with both "carrier" oscillators tuned to unison. The 2 carrier oscillators are controlled from a split keyboard. The triangle wave outputs of the 2 carrier oscillators and the program oscillator were recorded on the left channel, the Klangumwandler outputs on the right channel. Same VCA envelope on the Klangumwandler, no other audio processing. Both shifts are set to "down Shift", so...

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