Hartley Oscillator Calculator

Q is the transistor, L1, L2, C resonant circuit formed, L2 double as feedback network, through the coupling capacitor Cb will be sent to feedback voltage transistor base. Figure 2 shows the communication channel, resonant circuit with three endpoints and the three most connected transistor, it is known as the inductive three-point oscillator circuit, also known as feedback oscillation circuit inductance.
Hartley Oscillator Calculator - schematic

When a high-Q circuit, the circuit`s oscillation frequency essentially equal to the resonant frequency of LC circuit, the formula is as follows: Inductance characteristics of three-point oscillator circuit is easy to start oscillating, but its output waveform is poor, due to feedback voltage from both ends of the inductor, while the inductance of the high harmonics of the impedance of a larger, and thus contains the feedback voltage more harmonic components, therefore, the output waveform also contains more high harmonics.

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