Headlights Timer

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This device is a simple timer, allowing to keep on the headlights of your vehicle for about 1min. and 30sec. , e. g. when accessing some dark place, without the necessity of coming back to switch-off the lights. Pushing on P1 allows C1 charging to full 12V battery supply. Therefore Q1 is driven hard-on, driving in turn Q2 and its Relay load. The hea

Headlights Timer
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dlights are thus activated by means of the Relay contact wired in parallel to the vehicle`s headlights switch. RL1 remains activated until C1 is almost fully discharged, i. e. when its voltage falls below about 0. 7V. An interesting variation is to use the inside lamp as a command source for the timer. In this way, when the door is opened C1 is charged, but it will start to discharge only when the door will be closed, substituting pushbutton operation. To enable the circuit acting in this way, simply connect the cathode of a 1N4002 diode to R1-C1 junction and the anode to the "live" lead of the inside lamp.

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