Heartbeat Sensor (Tranduscer)

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This circuit made from an infrared phototransistor and infrared LED. This transducer works with the principle of light reflection, in this case the light is infrared. The skin is used as a reflective surface for infrared light. The density of blood in the skin will affect on the IR reflectivity. The pumping action of heart causes the blood density

Heartbeat Sensor (Tranduscer)
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rises and falls. So that we can calculate the heart rate based on the rise and fall of intensity of infrared that reflected by skin. We aim to transmit more information by carrying articles. Please send us an E-mail to wanghuali@hqew. net within 15 days if we are involved in the problems of article content, copyright or other problems. We will delete it soon.

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