Hidden wire detector

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

If you want to drill a hole in the wall then you must be sure that there`s no electrical wiring. This simple device. shown on the figure 1, can detect electrical wiring in the walls or ceiling. Resistor R1 protects IC CD4011 against electrostatic. A rigid copper piece of wire (~ 18 AWG, with length of 5. 15 cm) works as antenna. Sensitivity of the

Hidden wire detector
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circuit depends on the length of the antenna. When the antenna is placed near the electrical wiring, then the circuit produces a sound with 50 or 60 Hz frequency. This device can detect broken wires in cables - near the broken wire the sound is off. The piezoelectric speaker HA1 is connected to the bridge circuit to achieve higher loudness. On the figure 2 is shown more complicated circuit, except audio it has visual indication based on LED VD1. Resistance of the resistor R1 should be more than 50 Megohms.

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