High-Linearity Analog Optocouplers

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

High linearity analog optocouplers provide the versatility required to meet a wide range of analog isolation needs. For designers of high voltage applications, high linearity analog optocouplers can reliably send analog signals across very high voltage area and low voltage area without distortion. This article examines the internal operation and servo control mechanism of high

High-Linearity Analog Optocouplers
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linearity analog optocouplers in detail. Application examples are also presented, ranging from motor control current sensing to traditional current loop communication in process control. Standard digital optocouplers have long been used to address the optoisolation needs in high voltage applications. Combining a digital optocoupler with signal processing circuitry meets the need of high voltage isolation, but this complicates the design and is not suitable for applications that require analog in and analog out. Some linear optocouplers available in the market do provide analog isolation, however they fail to deliver necessary performance such as linearity, gain accuracy, along with high enough working insulation voltage. Isolation amplifier optocouplers can also be considered, but designers must consider the trade off between cost and performance [1]. An analog optocoupler with high linearity is ideal to isolate analog signals in a wide variety of applications that require excellent stability, linearity and bandwidth. An optimally designed circuit is capable of handling different type of signals including unipolar/bipolar, AC/DC and inverting/noninverting. Certain applications require very high isolation voltage. For example, in motor drive high side current sensing and phase current sensing applications, the working voltage could be as high as 1 kV. An optocoupler needs to be specially constructed to work under such harsh...

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