High Power Solid State Amplifier

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Building a solid-state linear amplifier. I have an old Heathkit SB 221 that after a major overhaul and redesign is now working great on 80, 40, 20, and 15; but not 17, 12 and 10. With this in mind I got on the internet at the motel we were staying in and started searching for ideas. One design kept popping up that seemed to be the most popular and offered what seemed to be the best approach. Back in

High Power Solid State Amplifier
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the early 1980`s Motorola developed a line of Power FET`S.  for amplifiers and other end uses. Helge Granberg, one of their circuit engineers, wrote a number of application papers for the use of these power FET`S. Over the years his designs have become widely used and to some degree the standard for commercially built solid-state amplifiers. His application EB104 seemed to me to be the best and most practical design for what I wanted for the upper bands in the HF range. Specification highlights that briefly describes the idea behind the design and an exert from his paper follows. This unique push-pull circuit produces a power output of four devices without the added loss and cost of power splitters and combiners. Motorola MRF150 RF power FET makes it possible to parallel two or more devices at relatively high power levels. This technique is considered impractical for bipolar transistors due to their low input impedance. In a common source amplifier configuration, a power FET has approximately five to ten times higher input impedance than a comparable bipolar transistor in a common emitter circuit. The DC supply voltage and power level determines the output impedance in both cases. The limit to the number of FETs that can be paralleled is dictated by physical, rather than electrical restrictions, where the mutual inductance between the drains is the most critical aspect, limiting the upper frequency range of operation. The...

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