High Power Square Wave Generator (0-500V 25A)

V1 and V2 are set to 5V in the simulation, but could also be 10V to eliminate the need for a second supply ” or, if you can find logic level FETs at that high a voltage, then you can reduce the 10 volt supply to 5 volts. Assuming that the switching frequency is low enough (100 Hz max), why not use SCRs or a similar class of devices I believe these would be better

suited to this kind of work (they are used in inverters to generate stepped square waves to approximate a sine wave). Also perhaps a paralleled combination of solid-state relays might be able to handle the total current this will probably be better than the H-bridge MOSFET scheme since the relays will appear in series with the load and won`t have much drop across them when ON. When OFF, the current will be almost nil. The main problem is to first generate the 500V DC rail at 25A that represents minimum or average power requirement of 6250W assuming 50% duty cycle almost 7kW+ when we consider losses.

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