High Voltage AC Calibrator Circuit Using Op Amp

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This a application circuit for calibration. This circuit is called high voltage AC calibrator circuit. In another dimension in sine wave oscillator design is stable control of amplitude. This is the figure of the circuit. In this circuit, not only is the amplitude stabilized by servo control but voltage gain is included within the servo loop. A tr

High Voltage AC Calibrator Circuit Using Op Amp
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ansformer is used to provide voltage gain within a tightly controlled servo loop. A voltage gain of 100 is achieved by driving the secondary of the transformer and taking the output from the primary. A current sensitive negative absolute value amplifier composed of two amplifiers of an LF347 quad generates a negative rectified feedback signal. This is compared to the LM329 DC reference at the third LF347 which amplifies the difference at a gain of 100. The 10 F feedback capacitor is used to set the frequency response of the loop. The output of this amplifier controls the amplitude of the LM3900 oscillator thereby closing the loop. As shown the circuit oscillates at 1 kHz with under 0. 1% distortion for a 100 Vrms (285 Vp-p) output. If the summing resistors from the LM329 are replaced with a potentiometer the loop is stable for output settings ranging from 3 Vrms to 190 Vrms (542 Vp-p!) with no change in frequency. If the DAC1280 D/A converter shown in dashed lines replace the LM329 reference, the AC output voltage can be controlled by the digital code input with 3 digit calibrated accuracy. [Schematic diagram source: National Semiconductor, Inc]

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