High Voltage Generator

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This high voltage generator can generate stable high voltage above 8kV. Its circuit is simple. It is stable and reliable. This circuit includes step-down rectifier, voltage regulator circuit, 18kHz multivibrator type oscillator and booster transformer, etc. Its circuit is shown in diagram 24-32. Step-down rectifier consists of step-down transformer

High Voltage Generator
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T1 and full bridge rectifier and filter capacitor C1, etc. The rectified 15V DC voltage passes three terminal regulator 7812 to regulated voltage and outputted +12V stable DC voltage, it can offer working voltage for IC2, VT1, etc. Astable multivibrator consits of 555 and R1, R2, C3, etc. Its oscilating frenquency is fc=1. 44/(R1+2R2)C3Parameter shown in diagram is designed according to 18. 5kHz. (View) The chart shown as the chart is the AC high voltage generator. It uses AC 220V input directly, and it has the features of with small size, high efficiency, long working time, high output current and so on. A type can work continuously for longer than five minutes, B type can work in long hours. Component selection: VD1 ~ VD4 use 1N4007 diodes, C1 uses 10 F/400V dielectric capacitor; C2 uses nonpolar 0. 47 F/450V capacitor; R1 uses the 10k/5W resistor; R2 uses the 1/8W 10K resistor, R3 uses the 1/8W 1. 6M © ~ 1. 8M © resistor, VS uses the 3A/400V unidirectional thyristor, C3 ~ C5 use high pressure lOOp/14kV ceramic capacitors, C6 selects the lOOOp/40kV capacitor with engineering plastic shell. (View) The multi-function high-voltage electrostatic generator is based on 555, if matching with high back voltage diode and discharge brush pin, it can be used as a negative oxygen ion generator, ignition, static vacuum cleaner, or high security, etc. 555 and R1, R2, C2 form a multivibrator with non-steady state, the oscillation...

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