High-Voltage Pulse Generator

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

If you`ve ever wanted a high-voltage generator to create neat lightning effects, perform Kirlian photography experiments or play with neon lights, then this one is for you!. ` We will describe a laboratory pulse generator using an auto-ignition coil and capable of delivering a train of pulses up to 30, 000 volts. With a couple of minor circuit and construction variations, the project is suitable

High-Voltage Pulse Generator
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for use as an electric-fence charger, operating at a lower voltage, but capable of much higher output current. Applications for a high-voltage spike are numerous: electromagnetic and radio-frequency interference (RFI) studies, electrostatic-discharge simulation; investigation of insulation breakdown; flammability experiments; strobe effects; etc. A DC power supply or battery is required, and pulse potential may be varied simply by changing the supply voltage. With a 12. 6-volt input, the ignition-coil model delivers its maximum pulse, but a unique multivibrator-driver circuit makes operation possible down to a supply voltage as low as 1. 5 volts, yielding an output pulse of only a few hundred volts. Its pulse frequency is set by a front-panel control, with a range from about 0. 3Hz to 20 Hz. An ignition coil, however, is not well adapted to the fence-charger application since its output resistance is so high: typically 10, 000 ohms. Thus its output pulse is strongly dependent on loading. With a short fence, long sparks might be struck at risk of igniting brush; while on the other hand, with a long fence, shunting by weeds or by dirt and moisture may reduce its output voltage below and effective value. Hence for the fence-charger version the rate prf control must be omitted fro reason of safety. No-load output of the fence-charger option is typically 4 Kv pk (kilovolts peak), or about half that valuer when connected to a...

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