High power mosfet amplifier circuit ideas

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The power amplifier circuit using MOSFET has been very popular, because the sound is very aggressive, as compared to transistors and ICs. It can be low-frequency and high-frequency response as well, it is highly durable. Usually, if compared with the same sound. It will devices less. Due to the bias the voltage. Easier to control current. But some

High power mosfet amplifier circuit ideas
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people say. If the power MOSFET output loss, more expensive power transistors. I agree with this, but, Is it not so bad. Today I have circuit collection of more than 150 watts of power, so it is a good idea for you. Hope this is helpful. Younger student brother will take an interest to do electronics project sends a teacher. Then come to consult with me. He wants to build Mosfet power Amplifier 300W rms model the stereo Amp. Which be the character OCL the sound is good. I then try to seek the circuit gives him sees in rows the way, accidentally meet this circuit. which design by Anthony. E. Holton. He designs this circuit well. Use power 2SK1530+2SJ201 MOSFET x 4 jigsaw puzzle parallel amounts. make have power amplify tall arrive at about 300W rms true power FULL watt. Detail other part want friends see in original circuit. This the circuit mosfet power amplifier OCL 160Watt sizes are full RMS. For 8ohm size loudspeakers build to sing bail 18 inch sizes well. By use mosfet cherished possession pair the last classic 2SK134 and 2SJ49 then have the durability is superb. This circuit not new handily. Should consider well before build. but difficult exceed nothing extremely amateur type our electronics It has power is 180 watt, uses a device similar. Point of interest is the power mosfet transistor output NO. J50 and K135(be durable voltage 70V) connected parallel together it can drive power output is higher. When using a 70V...

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