High-pressure direct current power supply scheme of the new low ripple

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The high-pressure direct current power supply has been already increasingly extensive. The method that this literary grace outputs in parallel with the power of double-channel gets the direct current of the low ripple. Today when the gas switching tube frequency is limited, this method can receive the direct current of the low ripple in lower in frequency cases. The main circuit contains two suits of inverter circuit

High-pressure direct current power supply scheme of the new low ripple
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of totally identical semi-bridge, reverse the on-off element and choose every IGBT. and adopt the independent three-phase fully-controlled rectifier bridge to supply power all the way, the inverter circuit adopts PWM way, operating frequency is far higher than resonant frequency, goes against and changes back voltage waveform into the rectangular wave. The power regulation of the circuit is realized by controlling moving the phase angle of the full-controlled rectifier bridge. The trigger impulse parameter of IGBT: 0 kHz is 45% of 20 kHz, duty ratio, -5 V 15 V, the pulse phase difference of upper and lower bridge arms is shown as in Fig. 3 in half a cycle, the output waveforms of two roads and half bridges of inverter circuit are shown as in Fig. 4. Connect the two-way voltage in parallel, can get the straight voltage. It is obvious, reduce the ripple while strengthening and outputting capacitance value and or adopt a plurality of electric capacity parallel ways to reduce ESR value. Tracking circuit of voltage 2 Because of adopting two-wayly to export to obtain straight direct-current volts in parallel, the key issue of normal operation of the apparatus is a two-way voltage equilibrium problem of connecting the power in parallel, namely require the two-way voltage amplitude that outputs to keep the same constantly. For make two-way to output, keep unanimity, yuans of device parameter should choose unanimity, need one the...

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