Hijack Alarm

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The first circuit was designed for the situation where a hijacker forces the driver from the vehicle. If a door is opened while the ignition is switched on - the circuit will trip. After a few minutes delay - when the thief is at a safe distance - the alarm will sound and the engine will fail. Before fitting this or any other engine cut-out to you

Hijack Alarm
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r vehicle - carefully consider both the safety implications of its possible failure - and the legal consequences of installing a device that could cause an accident. If you decide to proceed - you will need to use the highest standards of materials and workmanship. You`re going to trip this alarm unintentionally. When you do - the LED will light and the Buzzer will give a short beep. The length of the beep is determined by C3. Its purpose is to alert you to the need to push the reset button. When you push the button - the LED will switch-off. Its purpose is to reassure you that the alarm has in fact reset. If the reset button is not pressed then - about 3 minutes later - both the Siren and the Buzzer will sound continuously. The length of the delay is set by R7 & C4. For extra effect - fit a second siren inside the vehicle. With enough noise going on - you may feel that it`s unnecessary to fit the engine cut-out. In which case - you can leave out D8, D9, R11, R12, R13, C6, Q3, Q4 & Ry2. Even if you missed the early warning provided by the Buzzer - there is still time to reset the alarm before Ry2 de-energizes - and the engine fails. This additional delay - currently about 1 minute - is set by C6 and R13. To reset the circuit you must - EITHER turn off the ignition - OR close all of the doors - before you press the reset button. While BOTH the ignition is on - AND a door remains open - the circuit will NOT reset. The reset...

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