Horizontal Electric Engine

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Using the principles of a horizontal steam engine I constructed a model in which the steam cylinder is replaced by an electromagnet with a moving core. The construction details of the model are of little importance, as the photos give all the information you need. The cylinder is replaced by an coil, while an iron core replaces the piston of a ste

Horizontal Electric Engine
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am engine. The construction details of both are shown in the photos below. If the core is placed about half of its length into the coil, and the current is then switched on, the core will be sucked right into the coil. The current will then be automatically switched off by the associated electronics. The core keeps on moving, due to the energy stored in the flywheel, until it comes out at the other end of the coil. When the current is then switched on again the action repeats in the opposite direction. The core (piston) is pulled alternately backwards and forward thus forming a reciprocating engine. Two slotted opto switches are used to control the electromagnet and regulate its speed, placed as shown in the photos below. The slotted opto switches are mounted on the same printed circuit boards (PCBs) that I used in my Cliff Lift model. The only difference is that one third of each has been cut off due to the proximity of the slotted opto switches to the gearwheel in this model. The first slotted opto switch switches the electromagnet current on and off using two shutters mounted on a gearwheel (Meccano part 95b) coupled to the flywheel. The second slotted opto switch measures the speed of the engine using the teeth of the same gearwheel. This speed information controls the current through the coil and acts as a regulator. Figure 2 shows the block diagram of the system, and figure 3 shows the full circuit diagram. The...

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