How carry on the intersection of SPICE and model and 8051 MCU in coordination with emulation under the NI Multisim

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Multisim is the simulation software of circuit based on SPICE, SPICE Simulation Program with Intergrated Circuit Emphasis  lay particular emphasis on the simulation program of the integrated circuit  Abbreviation, it is here 1975, from University of California Berkeley branch school development. In Multisim9, needs to install MultiMCU and carrying on the one-chip computer

How carry on the intersection of SPICE and model and 8051 MCU in coordination with emulation under the NI Multisim
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emulation separately. NINational Instruments Unless it call MuitiMCU as Multisim10 MCU Module, it is install alone not to need, can SPICE precircuit, in coordination with emulation with Multisim, support PIC16F84a of 8051/8052 and Microchip of Intel/Atmel, typical to consist of RAM and ROM outside, the keyboard, figure and characters LCD, and there are intact debugging functions, including set breakpoint, look over the register, rewrite memory, etc. Support language C, can write the intersection of head and file and use storehouse is can also the intersection of outside and the intersection of binary file and disassembler that load. How at NI Multisim10 prove here we by a simple example with counter of the reset function develop one-chip computer and how and SP ICE precircuit, in coordination with emulation. MCU Microcontroller Unit The one-chip computer is everybody`s more familiar and commonly used electronic device, because its extensive application, so design the circuit to be an electronic technician`s indispensable skill with the one-chip computer. As to the beginner, can proceed with software emulation first. We know that can carry on the software emulation of the one-chip computer with Proteus software, Multisim is likewise possible. If you are relatively familiar with Multisim, that must be to Angery inside It is very deep that 54622D mix instrument impressions such as the video frequency oscilloscope, etc. ,...

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