How to Make a 25 Amp 1500 watts Heater Controller Circuit

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

Controlling heaters rated as high as 1500 watt requires stringent specifications with the controlling unit for safe and effective implementation of the intended operations. With the advent of advanced snubber-less Triacs and Diacs makingheatercontrollers at massive watt levels has become relatively easier today. The set up of the circuit is pretty

 How to Make a 25 Amp 1500 watts Heater Controller Circuit
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standard as the the wiring is very similar to the ones which are normally employed in ordinary light dimmer switch circuits. The following network resistors and capacitors associated with the diac are chosen such that they allow the diac to fire only as long as the sine curve remains below a certain voltage level. The above conduction of the triac only for a specifiedsectionof the input sine voltage curve, results in an output across the triac which has the AC chopped into smaller sections, making the overall RMS of the resultant drop to a lower value, depending upon the values of the relevant resistors and capacitors around the diac. The pot which is shown in the figure is used forcontrollingthe heaterelementwhich initiates the above explained procedure. The greater the resistance, the longer it takes or the capacitor to charge and discharge whih in turn prolongs the firing of the diac/triac pair. This prolongation keeps the triac and the load switched OFF for a longer section of the AC sine curve which results correspondingly lower average voltage to the heater, and the heatertemperatureremains at the cooler side. Conversely when the pot is adjusted toward toproducea lower resistance, the capacitor charge and discharge at a faster rate making the abovecyclerapid which in turn keeps the average switching period of the triac at the higher side, resulting a higher average voltage to the heater. The heater now generates more...

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