How to make a Simple Infra Red Remote Control Circuit

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Controlling household electrical gadgets or any electrical equipment remotely can be fun. Controlling gadgets like a TV set or a DVD player through a remote may look pretty common to us and we are very used to with the experience, however for controlling many other domestic equipment like a water pump, lights etc we are compelled to walk around fo

How to make a Simple Infra Red Remote Control Circuit
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r implementing the switching. The article is inspired by our usual TV remote concept and has been applied for controlling other house hold electrical appliances remotely. The circuit facilitates and helps the user to do the operations without moving an inch from his resting place. Thanks to the highly versatile, miniature IR sensor unit which forms the heart of the circuit and directly coverts the received IR waves from the tranamitter unit into the relevant logic pulses for feeding the fllip flop stage. The sensor basically consists of just three leads viz: the input, the output and the biasing voltage input lead. The involvmant of only three leads makes the unit very easy to configure into a practical circuit. The sensor is specified for operating at 5 volts regulated voltage which makes the inclusion of the 7805 IC stage important. The 5 voltage supply also becomes useful for the flip flop IC 4017 and is appropriately supplied to the relevant stage. The PNP transistor T1 responds to the negative trigger pulse from the sensor and quickly pulls the positive potential at its emitter to the collector across the resistor R2. The potential developed across R2 provides a positive logic high to the IC 4017 input pin #14. The IC instantly flips its output and changes it`s polarity. The entire circuit is powered from an ordinary transformer/bridge network and the entire circuit may be housed inside a small plastic box with the...

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