Human-Computer Interface Technology 1

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Habit-acquisition system. Tag physical objects like dumbells, medicine bottles, etc with RF tags or microcontrollers, and use them to detect and log users` interactions with these objects. Virtual plants and creatures that simulate the health of real things, like work, schedules, or relationships (as measured by online communication). Best if a cl

Human-Computer Interface Technology 1
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ear interface for tracking many different things. A game played on a digital surface where the physical location and orientation of game pieces upon the board causes different game behaviors, events, and outcomes. Multiuser NFC laptop lock screen which tracks recent users of the computer, retaining traces of their presence and usage of the computer. (Useful for making computer applications more discoverable, if people can see what software is used at a certain workstation. ) Virtual spatial interface across multiple computer screens: ability to throw virtual objects from one screen or computer to another in physical space using gestures. Object oriented programming language which is embodied by physical lego-styleblocks. Each block corresponds to an object with a series of functions. Plugging blocks together in different ways creates complete programs. We will create a variety of sensors to be attached to everyday objects like medicine boxes and exercise equipment, which detect when they are disturbed and update a habit-tracking application on your phone or computer. We thought of many physical computing ideas, and chose the one that enabled the most interesting interaction cycle between the user and computer. Dale and Collin were interested in using NFC tags to remind themselves when they forgot to bring things with them. Raymond noticed he left things untouched that he wanted to use, like vitamins, whey, and dumbbells. We...

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