I ran a code on my 99 dodge ram 1500 and it came back with

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

For this test you will need an analog (non-digital) voltmeter. Do NOT remove the distributor connector. Using small paper clips, insert them into the backside of the distributor wire harness connector to make contact with the terminals. Do NOT damage the connector when inserting the paper clips. Attach the voltmeter leads to these clips. Turn the ignition ON. Rotate the engine.

I ran a code on my 99 dodge ram 1500 and it came back with
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The meter should show a reading of less than 1 volt and a high voltage reading of 5. 0 volts as the high and low points on the wheel pass the sensor. If 5. 0 volts is not found at the supply wire, check for voltage at cavity A-17 of the 32-way connector. Leave the engine controller harness connected for this test. NOTE If voltage is not found at the PCM connector, you will need to diagnose the system using a DRBII scan tool, or equivalent, or take the vehicle to a qualified shop. Check continuity between the sensor and supply wire. This is checked between the distributor connector and cavity A-17. If continuity is not present, repair the wire harness. Check for continuity between the camshaft position sensor output wire and cavity A-18 at the engine controller. If continuity is not present, repair the wire harness. Crank the engine while observing the voltmeter. The voltmeter needle should fluctuate 0-5 volts, approximately. This will verify the camshaft position sensor is operating properly and a sync pulse signal is being generated.

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