IDEfile ProFile Emulator

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

This interface became a standard to almost all operating systems we know today. IDEfile is a ProFile compatible hard drive for Apple /// and Lisa systems. Emulation of the classic 5MB ProFile and the rare ProFile 10M is provided. I intend to support Widget_10 and a big 20MB Widget_20 too, but before that I have to figure out the syntax of its additional commands. Any help on this

IDEfile ProFile Emulator
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is appreciated, also any technical information on calibrating and formatting these beasts! IDEfile employs an IDE hard disk to store its data. I wanted to use components that could be used with a machine from the early `80s without getting red in the face (no FPGAs, no ARM7 cpu, . ), but some trade-offs towards modern technology had to be made. A 80C31 microcontroller executing about 1800 lines of assembler code and two GALs control the system. The use of a CF card in True IDE mode instead of the IDE drive should also be possible, however I cannot recommend this. LisaOS writes about 30 blocks just to load the Envrionments Window, therefore the 100. 000 write cycles of a flash card would be consumed very soon. Depending on the size of the hard disk, up to eight volumes (partitions) are supported. From the host`s point of view, each volume is a different hard disk, but only one can be accessed at the same time. Each volume could be of the following types: A block has a size of 532 bytes. Therefore two sectors on the disk are used, the space required on the hard disk is two times the volume size. IDEfile does not care about the number of bytes sent or read by the host, as long as it is below 1024 bytes. IDEfile`s PCB has a size of approximately 100mm x 140mm, this is the same size as a 3, 5" hard disk. It can be mounted on the back of the drive, resulting in a compact unit which can be fitted into Lisa`s hard drive cage or...

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