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Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Anyone who wants to understand IR remote controls and how they function, this project will be great for you. This circuit I found online seems so simple and uses my favorite programmable chip company (Microchip). There really isn`t a FULL tutorial from start to finish on this project online. So I will attempt to fill in the gaps and po

IR Widget
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st my findings as I work through this project. - KC2NDA Programming mode voltage. This must be connected to the MCLR pin of the target PIC. To put the PIC into programming mode, this line must be in a specified range that varies between PICs, but is always above Vdd. The highest maximum allowed Vpp voltage that we know of is 13. 5 volts. There is no one Vpp voltage that is within the valid Vpp range of all PICs. This is the positive power input to the PIC. Some programmers require this to be provided by the circuit (circuit must be at least partially powered up), some programmers expect to drive this line themselves and require the circuit to be off, while others can be configured either way (like the Microchip ICD2). The Embed Inc programmers expect to drive the Vdd line themselves and require the target circuit to be off during programming. Negative power input to the PIC and the ground reference for the remaining signals. Voltages of the other signals are implicitly with respect to GND unless otherwise specified. Serial data line. The serial interface is bi-directional, so this line can be driven by either the programmer or the PIC depending on the current operation. In either case this line swings from GND to Vdd. A bit is transferred on the falling edge of PGC.

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