ISL6528 Dual Regulator-Standard Buck PWM and Linear Power Controller

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The ISL6528 provides the power control and protection for two output voltages in high-performance graphics cards and other embedded processor applications. The dual-output controller drives an N-Channel MOSFET in a standard buck topology and a NPN pass transistor in a linear configuration. The ISL6528 provides both a regulated high current, low vo

ISL6528 Dual Regulator-Standard Buck PWM and Linear Power Controller
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ltage supply and an independent, lower current supply integrated in an 8-lead SOIC package. The controller is ideal for graphics card applications where both graphics processing unit (GPU) and memory supplies are required. The standard buck converter is a simple, single feedback loop, voltage-mode control with fast transient response. Both the switching regulator and linear regulator provide a maximum static regulation tolerance of ±2% over line, load, and temperature ranges. Each output is user-adjustable by means of external resistors. An integrated soft-start feature brings both supplies into regulation in a controlled manner. Each output is monitored via the FB pins for undervoltage events. If either output drops below 52. 5% of the internal reference voltage, both regulators are shutdown.

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