ISP microcontroller PLC implement method

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

It is obvious, a slice of SM2965 includes canonial 80C32, FLASH, E2PROM 28SF512, SRAM static data storage And WDT watchdog`s timer SM2965 is that the cost performance is extremely quite high  The one piece  Computer. And its ISP characteristic makes FLASH E2PROM can be regarded as the space of procedure, can also keep the data like E2PROM.Regard it as PLC that core design, have l

 ISP microcontroller PLC implement method
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ow cost, be small, expand advantage convenient and flexible in usage. Regard microcontroller as the core and design PLC, it is basically the same that its hardware makes up and observes and controls the system as the microcontroller. But in the microcontroller observes and controls the system,  examine  And  accuse of  Course to be serial relation at time. And PLC according to circulate scanning mode, carry on work, include, input sample, program execution and export, break 3 stages each period of scanning period, the relation operating mode runs side by side in inputting, concentrated output to adopt concentrating on. If like the microcontroller observes and controls the system, gather the state of the leading-in terminal to the line of procedure of PLC ladder-diagram in real time sequentially, the real-time output after process, can not reach the control result of PLC. For this reason, set up, input, buffer as input the intersection of map and register in the intersection of RAM and district, adopt and at one time read in all leading-in terminal states, and store it in the input buffer, then, according to the logical relationship of the line of procedure of ladder-diagram, read the corresponding leading-in terminal state from the input buffer, operation stores the result to be outputted in the output buffer map register of the component after dealing with. Finally, finish all as the intersection of ladder-diagram and...

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