Implementing A Sewing Machine Controller With An Mc9rs08ka2 Microcontroller

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The MIC2199 is a synchronous buck switching Regulator controller. An all N-Channel synchronous architecture and powerful output drivers allow up to a 20A output current ca- pability. The MIC2199 operates from a 4. 5V to a 32V input and CAN be programmed for output voltage from 0. 8V to 6V. The 300kHz switching frequency allows the use of smaller ind

Implementing A Sewing Machine Controller With An Mc9rs08ka2 Microcontroller
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uctor and the external COMP pin allows different output capacitor to be used for optimum transient response. To keep the pin count to a bare minimum, the MIC2199 does not offer an external soft-start pin that allow to reduce inrush current by delaying and slowing the output voltage rise time by connecting a capacitor on this pin. Figure 1 shows the output voltage waveform for a stan- dard MIC2199 circuit that takes about 120 µs and exhibits an output voltage overshoot for VIN = 12V, VOUT = 3. 3V, I LOAD = 0A. Figure 2 shows a simple and inexpensive way of implementing external soft-start on the MIC2199 by using a capacitor, C1 and a Diode 1N4148 between VOUT and FB pins.

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