Improved vacuum tube models for SPICE

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

As my principal hobby interest is now photography and I work crazy long hours at Imatest, I won`t have much time to update this article or answer difficult questions. James E. Lanier`s PSPICE Triode Calculator is a promising program for finding tube model parameters. It`s still under development; he plans to expand it to include tetrodes and pent

Improved vacuum tube models for SPICE
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odes. SPICE, an electronic circuit simulation program originally developed at the University of California at Berkeley, has found wide acceptance in the electronics and semiconductor industries. It can perform highly accurate time and frequency domain analysis of complex analog and digital circuits (including harmonic and IM distortion). Several commercial versions of SPICE run on personal computers, most notably PSpice from OrCAD. The downloadable PSspice student version (version 9. 1 at last look) has limited capabilities by standards of solid-state circuit design, but it can be amazingly useful in simulating vacuum tube amplifiers, which tend to have fewer components. It was used for all examples in this article. It`s hard to find on the OrCAD website. I had to go to the CadencePCB home page and click on All Downloads. Other well-known SPICE implementations include Electronics Workbench, 800-263-5552, and ICAP/4, from Intusoft, P. O Box 710 San Pedro, CA 90733-0710; 310-833-0710. Duncan Munro`s list of SPICE vendors may contain some hidden treasures. WinSpice is a free Spice3F4 Port for Windows 95, 98, 2000 & NT. Very intriguing. It will simulate much larger circuits than evaluation PSpice. SPICE contains built-in models for passive devices (resistors, capacitors, inductors, etc. ) and for most active semiconductor devices (bipolar transistors, FETs, Op Amps, etc. ), but none for vacuum tubes. SPICE models and can be...

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