Posted on Feb 6, 2014

For an introduction to our liquid-level inclinometer, and a description of our apparatus and early work on the instrument, see Inclinometer Performance. Here we record our day-to-day work on the instrument from February 2008 onwards. We provide some section headings just to make it easier for us to navigate the page. But the results remain in str

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ict chronological order. [21-FEB-08] We resolve to measure the fundamental resolution of the A2065 circuit by substituting a dummy sensor for the liquid level sensor. We make the dummy sensor with resistors, as shown below. We find that the resolution we obtained from the dummy sensor was no better than that we obtained with the liquid sensor. We tried a few changes to the circuit. We increased R7 and R8 by a factor of ten to improve decoupling on VCOM (see schematic ). This had no effect. We increased the number of samples and periods of the sinusoid we recorded with the Inclinometer Instrument. The increases had a strong effect. We took ten samples under each of a variety of conditions and determined the resolution of the instrument X and Y in each case. Our data is in the Dummy Sensor sheet of Results. xls, here. We see that our resolution with both the dummy and liquid sensors improves by more than a factor of two when we increase the number of periods by a factor of four. A resolution of 60 V/V corresponds to 0. 15 mrad (0. 008 °). But note that the resolution with our dummy sensor is no better than that with the liquid sensor. We change the default Inclinometer Instrument settings to analysis_harmonic = 16, daq_delay_ticks = 12, daq_num_samples = 6836. [21-FEB-08] We start acquiring from two A2065Bs. One has the dummy sensor attached, the other a liquid sensor. Both are on our granite beam. We add a thermometer as...

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