Index 2 - Power-Supply Circuits-DC to DC - power supply circuit -

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

MAX732/733 refers to the DC-DC current PWM step-up regulator. As to MAX732, output voltage is +12V, maximum output current is 200mA, output voltage range is +4. 0~+9. 3V. And as to MAX733, the relevant values are +15V, 125mA and 4. 0V~11. V respectively. Typical value of full load efficiency is 85%~92%, of empty load current is 1. 7mA. Oscillation frequency is

Index 2 - Power-Supply Circuits-DC to DC - power supply circuit -
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170 kHz. The regulator has protection circuits for periodic current-proof, overcurrent-proof, undervoltage-proof and programmable soft-start. (View) MAX714/715/716 refers to the power supply system powered by cell piles. It has a micro-processor for detection. This system consists of a four-loop logic-controlled +5-V regulator and a three-loop switched regulator, a fixed positive output single-loop(+12V or +15V), a software-controlled negative output single-loop and a fixed negative single-loop. Its static current is 20A. This system has a spare cell piles switch, a low voltage warner and it can restart if the cell lapses. (View) Step-down Vary Power Circuit Composed ofMC34063 is shown in the diagram. MC34063 is a type of switching modehighly active DC/DC Changed circuits. Its internalincludes reference voltage source withthe function of temperature compensation, comparator, duty ration controllable oscillator with limited current circuit, driver and heavy current output switch tube. The +25V/+5V step-down vary power composed of it is shown in the picture, the features are: (VIN=25V when IO=500mA) line regulation is 12mV ±0. 12%; load regulation is 3mV ±0. 03%; ripple voltage is 120mV. If one-level filter (shown in figure) output ripple reduced to 40mV; conversion efficiency is 82%; short-circuit limiting current is 1. 1A. (View) EPC-755A photoelectric encoder has good performance and has good anti-interference in angle...

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