Indoor Weather Station using Arduino

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The Arduino 2009 acts as a standalone weather station. It does not display the data. It can operate independently for months. It samples the sensors until the RAM is full. The RAM samples are stored on a sector of an SD card. Eventually, a year`s weather samples could be stored on the SD card. Each time the PC is connected, any unstored sectors ar

Indoor Weather Station using Arduino
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e uploaded to files on the PC`s hard drive. It can then be displayed using all the facilities of the PC`s display. The SD card current sector is held in EEPROM so that during power off or reset, it can be reused. The Arduino has a class EEPROM which only allows read and write of bytes. To read a long (32 bytes in Arduino) requires some work: inline void ready() { unsigned long lastblock = 0; //the last block number saved in the sd card unsigned long tempblock = 0; tempblock = EEPROM. read(0); // remember the LSB of the last saved block lastblock |= tempblock; tempblock = EEPROM. read(1); // remember the next LSB of the last saved block lastblock |= tempblock << 8; tempblock = EEPROM. read(2); // remember the next LSB of the last saved block lastblock |= tempblock << 16; tempblock = EEPROM. read(3); // remember the next MSB of the last saved block lastblock |= tempblock << 24; Serial. println("ready"); //send computer the ready to reset message Serial. println(lastblock); //send computer the last saved block number delay(10000); //every 10 seconds }//end of ready /* Card type: Ver2. 00 or later Standard Capacity SD Memory Card 1. 0 and 2. 0 GB cards purchased in 2009 work well. Usage: Must have global variable. volatile unsigned char buffer[512]; Function calls. unsigned char error = SDCARD. readblock(unsigned long n); unsigned char error = SDCARD. writeblock(unsigned long n); error is 0 for correct operation read copies the...

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