InfiniBand Bus Description

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Higher bandwidth connections are made by grouping 4 or 12 pairs together, for up to 3 GB/s full-duplex connections. InfiniBand is designed to be used over a Backplane, Copper wire or Fiber. The impedance for the PWB interface or cable interface is 100W. All inter-connections are Hot-Swappable on InfiniBand. The specification defines a data rate of 250MBytes/sec for both

InfiniBand Bus Description
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electrical and optical signaling. That`s a 2. 5GHz signaling speed using 8B/10B [10 bits = 1 byte] Each IBA Packet [InfiniBand Architecture] begins with a Start-of-Frame [SOF], and ends with an End-of-Frame [EOF]. The Header field is made up of a Routing Header and a Transport Header. The Packet Payload follows the Header field. Two different Cyclic Redundancy Code [CRC] fields follow the Payload; ICRC [Invariant CRC] and VCRC [Variant CRC]. The Invariant CRC field covers the packets that do not change from source to destination, while the Variant CRC filed covers packets from link to link. Fill frames are used between packets. The maximum allowable Deterministic Jitter [JD] from the driver is 0. 17 UI [without pre-emphasis]. The Total Jitter [JT] allowed from the driver is 0. 35 UI. They reside with in a metal case to provide EMI shielding. The thickness of the PWB isn`t really defined, as long as it resides with in the EMI defined case.

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