Infrared Proximity Detector circuit

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The circuits on this page are for an Infrared - Proximity Detector using the Vishay Electronics - TSOP4830 `IR Receiver Modules for Remote Control Systems`. In this circuit the TSOP4830 is used as a sensitive infrared detector that does not require shielding from room lighting. The detector will work under almost any lighting condition from comple

Infrared Proximity Detector circuit
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te darkness to full sunlight. As a guide, if a TV remote control will work in a particular area then so should this circuit as the TSOP4830 would normally used in conjunction with a remote control for a television or VCR. This circuit was designed primarily for Between The Rails detection of model trains but can be used to detect other objects that reflect or block infrared light. While this circuit will work in almost all light conditions but it can be affected by infrared remote controls. For its designed use this will not be a problem as the light will be blocked by a train car anyway. The following schematic is for a basic version of the Infrared - Proximity Detector used on this page. The circuitboards offered through this page have 1 LED driver oscillator and 4 or 8 detector circuits on them. In the basic proximity detector circuit, the hand-held remote is replaced by an infrared LED driver that uses a 556 dual timer. The two oscillators in the 556 simulate the pulsed carrier signal of the remote but without the information such as volume or channel that would normally be sent to an appliance. The upper portion of the circuit uses two astable 556 oscillators, IC 1A and IC 1B to drive an infrared LED. IC 1A operates at approximately 3Hz with a duty cycle of about 9 percent. IC 1B is adjusted to 30 kHz (the design operating frequency of the TSOP4830) with a duty cycle of about 52 percent. The lower portion of the...

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