Infrared remote control receiver for Media Centers

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

A few time ago I decided to create a media center box to replace my DVD player, sattelite receiver, VCR and my kid`s Play Station 2, toone device. So, I made a core 2 duo processor system that actually replaced with succeed, all my electronic devices. The only thing that was missing was a remote control to switchOn/Off my Media Center. After I sea

Infrared remote control receiver for Media Centers
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rched on the net to buy a complete remote control system, I saw that the price was a little bit high (about 90euros). I checked my stuff to find my old 7-in-one remote control that I hadbought 2 years ago and Istarted to build my own remote control receiver circuit. I focused onATtiny13 microcontroller because of its small size and its RAM in case Iwould like to rebuild the source code in C language. After a second thought, Idecided to build a completely remote control receiver that it could handle both On/Off and windows or program commands. I searched again on the net and Ifound an old version of Girder 3. 2. 9that was freeware. I went atplug-in settingsand I made a few tests to see which plug-in is the easiest to be handled via RS-232 port. I chose the "Creative infra RS232" hardware type under "UIR/IRman/IRA/CTInfra/Hollywood+" plug-in. This plug-in is receiving up to 6 bytes from serial port with 2400 bps (Bits Per Second) making it ideal for my purpose. The circuit consists of ordinary components (except of ATtiny13 in some cases). The IC1 is an infrared receiver at 30 kHz. The T2 makes the switchOn/Off of Media Center when it getsa High level by IC2. The K2 is connected tothe "Power-ON switch" connector of your PC`s mainboard (motherboard). BE CAREFUL!NOT THE 220V AC power connector. The two diodes are put to make the connection of K2 to the mainboard, easy. You don`t have to worry about which polarityyou have to...

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