Interfacing ADAU1701 with AD1955

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The ADAU1701 datasheet recommends on p18 that MP11 be used to derive MCLK. Now MP11 also serves the purpose of OUTPUT_BCLK when used for I2S. Therefore does this mean that I can connect MCLK and BCLK together 2. The ADAU1701 operates at 3V3 and AD1955 at 5V. Is the ADG3304 a good choice to perform the voltage level translation between the two

Interfacing ADAU1701 with AD1955
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at these frequencies 1) Are you using a crystal with the ADAU1701, or an active oscillator If you are using a crystal, I would recommend using a buffered version of OSCO to provide MCLK for the AD1955. If you are using an active oscillator, I would provide a second feed from it to the AD1955. You are correct that MP11 of the ADAU1701 should be used for BCLK; MCLK and BCLK will not be the same frequency, in most configurations. BCLK will be 64 G— fs and MCLK will depend on your fs and register settings, usually 256 G— fs. 2) The ADG3304 would be a good choice for translating 3. 3 V serial audio into 5 V serial audio. 12. 288 MHz (for fs = 48 kHz) has a duty cycle of 82 nS; the switching characteristics of the ADG3304 will be able to handle this well. 1. I am using a 12. 28 MHz crystal - pretty much ditto configuration as the ADAU1701 I2C config schematic in the datasheet, so that makes it 256xfs since I am using fs=48kHz. 2. My primary intent is to use the AD1955 in the simplest possible config without a uC, so I am going by the default power-on parameters for the AD1955. if in this mode BCLK must be 64xfs, I conclude that the default hardware config in SigmaStudio must be altered for MP11 to "internal clock/4" for BCLK rather than "internal clock/16" which seems to be the default in SS. drives the input of the ADG3304 channels should have an output impedance of less than or equal to 150 © and a minimum peak current driving...

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