Interfacing MaxTrac Mobile Radios to Repeater Controllers

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

This article describes one reliable, simple, and universal method of interfacing MaxTrac, Radius, and GM300 series of Motorola mobile radios to common repeater controllers. Most of this information also applies to radio interfaces that are used with IRLP or EchoLink. Scott KBG NLY already has a very good article that covers this topic in some deta

Interfacing MaxTrac Mobile Radios to Repeater Controllers
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il, but it seems that a lot of people, many of whom should possess enough knowledge (judging by their 1x2 or 2x1 callsigns and lifetime ARRL memberships) to extrapolate the information presented by Scott, are unable to do so, hence the need to write something even simpler. There are at least two methods that can be used to connect repeater controllers to MaxTracs (I`ll use this generic name from now on to cover all varieties of this radio): the method proposed by the author, and the method you - the reader - end up using. There are an unknown, yet sufficiently large, number of interested readers on our planet; I`m not forcing you to use any particular method, but as this is simple, works, and requires very few external components, there`s no reason to fight it. If you don`t have, or want to buy the detailed service manual for the radios, or don`t understand or wish to learn the workings of the electronic circuits, then you should appreciate the time and effort that went into collecting all of the information presented in this article. The MaxTrac has interface signals brought out via the 5- or 16-pin accessory jack on the rear of the radio, and the 8-pin RJ45 (MIC) jack on the front of the radio. You can also solder wires directly onto the logic board and bring them out any opening you can find; however there are no openings unless you remove part or all of an accessory connector, leave the covers off, or drill through the...

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