Intro to Intan Amplifier Chips

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The Intan Technologies RHA2116 16-channel integrated amplifier array requires only three external resistors (to set amplifier bandwidth), two capacitors (to smooth power supply), and one square centimeter of board area. Intan Technologies digital-output and analog-output amplifier chips are small, low-power silicon devices that replace the followi

Intro to Intan Amplifier Chips
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ng modules found in traditional electrophysiological recording systems: Intan amplifiers have high input impedances (more than 10 megohms at 1 kHz), so high-impedance electrodes may be connected directly to the chips. The amplifiers use proprietary low-noise circuits to achieve an input-referred RMS noise level of approximately 2 microvolts, allowing small physiological signals to be resolved. The tiny AC signals acquired by physiological electrodes are usually accompanied by relatively large DC offsets that drift slowly with time. Intan amplifiers incorporate high-pass filters on each channel to block large DC potentials and undesirable low-frequency drift or artifacts. The cutoff frequency of these filters is configurable over a wide range. Biopotential signals must be amplified (relative to a reference electrode or negative electrode) from the microvolt level to the volt level to match the full input range of high-resolution A/D converters. Intan amplifiers provide suitable gain for observing signals up to +/-5 mV in amplitude with sub-microvolt resolution using modern A/D converters. Differential amplifiers should also have good rejection of common-mode noise. Prior to sampling and digitization, a low-pass filter must be used to limit the bandwidth of each amplifier and prevent aliasing. Additionally, this filter may be used to attenuate undesirable high-frequency signals or artifacts. Intan amplifiers incorporate...

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