Is there a simpler solution for highside current sensing here

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The loads (2 or more solenoids in parallel) share a 12V supply and are individually switched to ground through the car`s ECU. I need to detect when any one of the circuits close (only one closes at any one time), using a single PIC digital in (or comparator if I must), and with the minimum of wiring (the car`s wiring is buried and a pain to get to although the common 12V rail is easy to get to). I can`t disturb

Is there a simpler solution for highside current sensing here
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the ground plane(s) and can`t add much load. I have looked at highside current sense ICs but can`t find them in DIP and don`t want to use SOT if I can help it as I will be hand-soldering to stripboard. Anyway, I don`t need to know how much current is flowing, just whether it is or not.

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