Joule Ringer

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The nicety of air coils: one can build them at home rather easily and they seem to swing at a higher inaudible frequency above 100 KHz. May be the frequency comes down once really huge coils achieve an inductance comparable to ferrite core coils. But I hope that with a careful design one can build a more delicate circuit with a frequency above 100

Joule Ringer
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KHz. I have some smaller CFLs which only need 3 to 5 Watt at the 220V mains and seem to glow bright enough to be useful with 0, 5 to 1 Watt on a super Joule Ringer type circuit. A retro lamp has to be dimmer to underline the 19th century atmosphere Hi folks, Hi conrad, i tried the setup, though I think the 24 gauge main tower coil is too thick of a gauge wire to get the needed high voltage for the cfl. I happen to just finish a coil tower yesterday, though it has 24 gauge wire and is 9-1/2" tall X 3" diameter, it`s a pringles chips can with metal bottom removed. I`m going to make some tests starting with 24 gauge bifilar wrapped around bottom 1/4 of coil tower and see how it goes with your wiring setup, then try some different things just to see. Also those rings at the top and bottom of the can. They will suck the energy out before you can say "Pip" Get rid of those and make some scores in the inside of the can length wise. it should do, but i would even try to peal that inner layer off if you can. Ive seen setups with thicker wire and fewer turns do the job. Give it a try before you unwind. ;] I finished rewinding with 30 awg wire and am using speaker wire for primary, just trying different wires and types, i think its 20 or 22 gauge, stranded of course. @Lynxsteam: at the moment I use the MJE13007 transistor (because it takes a lot of abuse when testing strange coils). Others are using the 2N3055, and I guess TIP3055 or...

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