Joulethief SEC exciter and variants 68

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Laser Design an efficient reciever/collector that could withstand a beam hitting it (maybe an enormous photomultiplier array ), and use a beam mode and wavelength that isn`t easily attenuated. And in that case you`d go for the explosive bursts of option 1. And didn`t Tesla later in his life announce that he had designed a beam device that produced a beam which grew

Joulethief SEC exciter and variants 68
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smaller And an other thing I was thinking about: Do you agree that the special coil with the split secondary wound oppositely, which was the ONLY one Tesla ever talked about (that I can find reference to), during one of his lectures, . do you think that is the basis for coil type 1 If the magnetic fields oppose each other, and there is no phase delay between the opposite sides, (in one type Eric seems to indicate there should be an odd phasing between the sides, because he shows a push-pull type setup for driving the primaries in one of his papers, but labels them as phases), and if the secondaries were connected in a certain way to the primaries, you could literally discharge the capacitor into free air with hardly any current actually discharging back to the other side of the capacitor, and it would happen WITHOUT oscillation due to the opposing magnetic fields. (does that make sense ) I think with coil type 2 (Magnifier) the main difference is that each section of the coil is wound in opposite directions to the next, but each side is NOT a mirror- both sides of the secondary are wound the same, and both sides of the extra coils are the same, but opposite of the secondaries. You may be right that there are posiblities to transmit power trough the air, but you would somehow need to create a beam or something between transmitter/receiver, which I don`t see happening with spheres used as antenna. Of course, there is one...

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