K7LR Memorial Receiver

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This web page is a memorial to Mike Caughran, KL7R, who died suddenly in January 2007. Mike was a passionate experimenter who was embraced by the homebrew radio electronics community. He was best known as the co-creator of and sidekick to Bill Meara, M0HBR on the podcast Solder Smoke. Mike was a hardcore science and technology buff. His knowledge

K7LR Memorial Receiver
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of general science and curiosity about minimalist RF designs was amazing. I worked Mike on 40 and 80 meter CW and later by voice on eQSO. Mike was the first person to refer to this web site as the "popcorn site". He held an interest in digital circuits. In tribute to Mike, a series of receiver experiments which includes some digital circuits are presented. Mike Caughran will be remembered as a remarkable, kind and passionate homebuilder. My special thanks to Wes, W7ZOI for his coaching and suggestions to improve many of the circuits on this web page. This web page borrows heavily from his designs as presented in EMRFD. Shown above is the receiver block diagram. The KL7R memorial receiver depicted on this web page is the final output of many hours of experimentation. Most of the circuits or circuit ideas originated in EMRFD. From our conversations, Mike was always challenging himself; experimenting, testing and pushing his knowledge threshold. The joy of discovery motivated him. Fired by his spirit of inquiry, I explored methods to build a receiver containing at least 1 digital circuit. On many days, I accomplished nothing. The circuits did not work and little to no progress was made. These were the difficult dry spells all experimenters must endure. Design and circuit failures can be very disheartening. I also wasted a lot of parts. However, I kept going and slowly successes occurred and my confidence rose. The end result...

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