Klipsch Promedia V5.1 Amplifier Repair

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Take a V2-400 and use the sub-woofer amplifier for the center channel. Then add a separate Digital Converter just for the added sub-woofer amplifier and you have the starting of a V5. 1. Next, put all the preamplifiers in the sub-woofer box and make a digital control box to remotely set the preamplifier gain controls. Below are the interconnections for the system.

Klipsch Promedia V5.1 Amplifier Repair
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

The control pod and the satellite speakers shown are separate units; all other connections are internal to the subwoofer box. There is not much you can do about repairing the V5. 1 control pod. Klipsch moved all the pre-amplifier circuitry into the sub-woofer box. The control pod is just a remote control head now. A serial data stream from the control pod relays commands to adjust the volume level of the various channels. All the manual inputs are rotary encoders that are monitored by a microcontroller. With the exception of the encoders and a few transistors everything is done by the microcontroller program, which you can`t buy from Klipsch and for which we don`t have any data. Maybe someone can come up with an analog replacement circuit. The following block diagram of the control pods is marked to show basic operation of the pods and the differences between them. Click on the block diagram, or here to get schematic diagrams of the two control pods. The diagram for the V5. 1 DIN plug comes from tracing of the wires by Evan Shultz on his plug. Pins are identified by using the pin numbers on the control pod circuit board connector, J2, then continuing the sequence with the signals from J6 on the standard pod or J1 on the Ultra pod. The V5. 1 I/O board is very busy. The control pod is just that on the V5. 1, a control pod, so all the audio preamplifiers and headphone amplifiers had to be moved into the subwoofer box....

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