Korg Releases monotribe Drum Schematics

As they did with the monotron synthesizer, Korg has quietly released schematics for its the analog drum synthesis portion of its monotribe synth and step-sequencing rhythm machine. You just see the bits that make the drum sounds, but that`s the interesting and modifiable part. In order to grab the download, you`ll need to fill out a form with your

name and address, saying you acknowledge you`re voiding the warranty and that you won`t turn around and sue Korg. That address doesn`t get used for anything, though, so long as you uncheck the newsletter  box. Once you do, you get a high-res PDF (low-res image above) with the schematics, marked public. (Liability I know is an important issue. You never know; you might swallow the drum circuits and then sue Korg for feeling ill afterwards. Or something. Ask a lawyer. ) As for the design itself, it`s a notably simple design by Hiroaki Nishijima, an elegantly-minimal set of analog circuits for producing sound. As such, it should be ripe for modification. In fact, the first thing I`d be inclined to do is, rather than void a monotribe`s warranty, simply breadboard this circuit, which would make for exceedingly easy variations on the same basic layout. You might even wind up with something else. (One nice touch in the design: look at how the noise source is cleverly and necessarily linked to hat and snare sounds. ) Mods have also worked with MIDI a port is hidden on the board but apparently with sometimes-disappointing timing results. More promising is the thought of new drum sounds, and even some breadboarded drum circuits outside the monotribe itself. And that`s what I think is admirable about Korg`s approach: in the earlier days of sound and music electronics, publishing these kinds of schematics was the norm. As opposed to...

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