LA3430 VCO Non-adjusting Multi-PLL For FM Car Radios

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The LA4165M Recording-Playback IC combines the functions required to design the recording and playback systems and Motor Control circuits for micro- or standard-cassette tape recorders into a single chip. Functions provided include Automatic Audio input sensing during recording with stepless setting of the on-off threshold using the playback Volum

LA3430 VCO Non-adjusting Multi-PLL For FM Car Radios
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e Control and LED indication that recording is in progress. Recording and playback modes CAN be toggled using a single control pin. The LA4165M also has an on-chip preamp, power amp and ALC circuits, and has been designed to operate with a 3V power supply. The device is available in 24-pin plastic MFPs. By Sanyo Semiconductor Corporation

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