LA4440 Stereo Amplifier

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

LA4440 is a dual channel audio amplifier IC. It can be used in two modes one is Stereo amplifier and another Bridge amplifier mode. The LA4440 is a monolithic linear IC from Sanyo. Here I give the both circuit mode of amplifier using IC LA4440. C10 is filter capacitor used to reduce the ripple of supply voltage. Don`t decrease the value of capacitor C6&C7 less than 100uF, 10v, it may causes of the output at low frequencies

LA4440 Stereo Amplifier
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goes lower. The pin-6 of LA4440 amplifier circuit is audio input pin; it used in stereo amplifier mode but in bridge mode it is grounded. C8&C9 are polyester film capacitor used to preventing oscillation, and R1&R2 used for the same reason as filter resistor. Though the maximum supply voltage for both circuit of amplifier is 18V but we recommend to use a 12V, 3A power supply. Use a good quality heat sink with LA4440. I think here you see little comparison between stereo and bridge amplifier of LA4440. If you want to make this amplifier project, then I recommend you the bridge one. I think it is ideal for a beginner. And I love its wattage rather than Stereo mode. There is also a possibilities as I say, make two copies of circuit of bridge amplifier for stereo, it will give you 19w+19w of audio power output.

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