LCD thermometer

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This circuit is based around the PIC16LF1937 microcontroller. This chip is actually a small computer contained in a single chip, including RAM memory, EEPROM, I/O ports, CPU and so on. When you buy this chip, it comes empty with no program on it. You have to compile the source code and download the resulting machine code into it, using a PC and a

LCD thermometer
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

small programmer attached to the PC and the chip. To get yourself familiar with this stuff, I suggest you first read this link: Getting started with microcontrollers. The LCD display used in this design is the Varitronix VI-302 (Digikey ordernbr: 153-1022-ND), which is a static (non-multiplexed) 3. 5 digits 7-segment transflective display. It is driven by the PIC16LF1937 microcontroller which has a built-in LCD driver. Usage is very simple. There are no buttons (the switch in the schematics is currently not used). Just insert the batteries and the LCD shows the temperature in degrees Celsius. The diagram is really simple. One common line and a lot of segment lines are connected to the LCD display. The digital temperature sensor is connected to the clock and data lines of the PIC`s I2C bus. The software is written in C ( Hi-tech C supporting Microchip ). It uses power saving techniques such as Sleep() and wake up from sleep after timer1 overflow. For programming you need the Microchip MPLAB IDE and a PICkit3 compatible programmer. You also need the Hi-tech C compiler (the lite version, free to download, will do). Zip file containing all source code, header files and project files: Link to MPLAB project. The project file to open is called LCD_demo. mcp, the workspace file is LCD_demo. mcw.

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