LED-Circuits 7

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The 555 Astable generates a clock for this circuit, an oscillator giving a square wave output at pin 3 which is counted by 4017 to give a running lights effect. The decade counter-divider CD4017 has 10 outputs, for every low to high transition at the clock input, rising edge, the counter advances one LED. After going one full circle the the first

LED-Circuits 7
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LED lights again and it goes on. You can vary the value of R2 100K Linear potentiometer to make LEDs run fast or slow. The frequency of oscillation of astable 555 is given as f = 1. 44 / Read More This will monitor telephone status without loading the telephone line, this way if you have two phones in parallel you will know if one of them is busy. Connect the two ends of circuit in parallel to phone lines. D1 to D4 make a bridge so that LED`s are powered in correct polarity. LED1 indicates line ok no broken line, LED3 can light only when a 12V Zener breaksdown, this shows if line is busy or free, so that you dont go online when someone is talking on the phone in another room. LED2 lights on an incoming call ringing Read More

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