LED Flasher Schematic

Here`s the new flasher circuit schematic. It consists of a 555 timer circuit and a power transistor. The power transistor is probably way overkill, (it is rated at 10A) but it`s what I had available. You can vary C1, R1 and R2 for to vary the flash rate and duty cycle. For the R and C values shown, then flash rate is about 1. 4 Hz (which is about 8

5 flashes per minute). There is a ton of information about the 555 timer on the web, including programs that will calculate the R and C values for you. Depending on the type of components that you choose, the R and C values can vary by 10% or more, so you may need to tweak some values. C2 should be a ceramic bypass cap, but it does not appear to be essential, my circuit worked fine either with or without C2. C1 should be a ceramic cap, but if you decide to use a tantalum or electrolytic cap for C1, then make sure that you install it in the correct polarity, or it could explode. If you have any doubts about your electronics capabilities, then you should not build this circuit.

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